Making Property Management Manageable

Residential & Commercial Property Management Solutions.

"Steve takes all the stress out of property management. He knows quality tenants and has a special gift for keeping the rift-raft out of your properties. He knows how to get the right people at the right prices the first time. Before Steve, my properties were extremely stressful and problem-some. Now, I just look for my monthly check and I know he handles any and all complaints and issues at the apartments. When something needs to be fixed, I get a convenient email and casually approve work orders on my time. My time investment as an owner is extremely minimal now that I have Steve to handle my apartments. His rates are amazing and is worth every penny spent. Having a manager like Steve enables a property owner to turn profit without a huge headache. Without him my profit was dependent on the number of quality tenants I had, now with Steve I get a regular steady check for roughly the same amount each month. His fees came out of my profit that I wasn't making before. He made me the money to pay him, it could not have worked out ANY BETTER. If your thinking about picking up investment property Steve at Property Management Inc Ozarks is your man! 5 STARS!

- T. Storay